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Available for traders of all levels, ZuluTrade trading platform is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface and accessible layout. AAAFx is almost always among the top three brokers that offer the lowest slippage when it comes to “Zulutrading” for most signal providers. Slippage is a kind of additional pip placed in the follower’s account either in favor or against him due to a time lag (1-3 secs delay) between the signal provider’s trading terminal and the follower’s account. As AAAFx is Zulutrade’s own broker, they charge no commission for the services provided by the social platform. This is in contrast to other brokers that may charge you as high as 2.7 pips! This is where AAAFx beats all other competing brokers hands down when it comes to social trading with Zulutrade.

Zulutrade Forex Broker Review

But, as we all know, Forex trading is not an exact science. And what might be a great deal to make in one instance may have a different outcome 5 minutes later. Zulu’s concept is ‘to offer an open environment, where traders from all over the world are able to connect and share their knowledge’. If that’s their aim then they’ve pretty much achieved it. Trading Brokers have spent thousands of hours researching and conducting in-depth analysis on hundreds of online trading brokers.

But Zulu has a reputation, big base of active clients, and the company is being trusted. Additionally, ZuluTrade cooperates with the dozens of brokers – and it is better than the one linked to the broker. Of course, the company has its disadvantages – for example, commissions are not the lowest on the market. But for me reliability is way more important, especially taking into consideration that commissions are significantly compensated by the number of subscribers and income from them. ZuluTrade values the safety of its Investors’ capital as an utmost priority.

Trading Platform

Zulutrade is an online social and copy trading platform. Basically, it allows traders to acquire a level of automated trading to copy the trades of traders experienced in foreign exchange and financial markets. The social component, however, enables traders to share opinions and ideas. Today it boasts nearly one million users and executes a trade volume of over $ 800 billion.

Traders have the option of using one the networks supported brokerages or alternatively pay for a subscription to the ZipSignals service. The fee for using your own non-supported brokerage is pretty hefty and will mean the majority of people interested in the service will likely open an account with one of the six supported brokerages. ZuluTrade and other social trading networks made the news in 2013 when they came under fire from MetaQuotes the developer of MetaTrader 4 & 5. In recent months a number of brokerages who previously offered ZuluTrade services to their clients withdrew the product, with brokerages such as HotForex and Alpari RU discontinuing their ZuluTrade accounts.

In today’s Forex trading world, a new way of trading has taken it by storm. Many traders are now choosing to use social trading networks to help with their decisions. One of the first names to get a foothold in the industry was ZuluTrade, and today there is a good selection of ZuluTrade Forex brokers to choose from. The idea behind social trading networks is really quite a simple one for everyone concerned. ZuluTrade, along with a number of other social trading platforms, gives users the opportunity to mimic trades made by other, often more experienced, traders.

  • FXCM offers its clients a variety of tools and resources to help them become more educated and sophisticated traders.
  • The information in this site is current at the date of publication but may be subject to change.
  • At the top is quite interesting, because they do have a Forex.
  • I.e. they don’t ask a massive amount up-front and there are no other entry, maintenance or exit fees to pay.
  • ZuluTrade Profit Sharing Account model means you will share 25% of your overall profits at the end of the month.
  • However, using the ZuluTrade platform also involves significant risks and could lead to some incurring significant losses.

The social trading network also boasts a large user base and has made the network particularly easy to use for inexperienced traders. The next step was to pick the signal providers, ZuluTrade provides its users with ample statistics and information regarding the various signal providers active on the site. This seems to suggest that many using the platform are sceptical regarding putting real money into Binary Options copy trading, until they get feedback from other users. Their advertisements can be mouthwatering, but at the end of the day they will run off with your capital too.

Sometimes, stop-loss orders can be factored into the asset, so that no matter how low the price of the asset goes, the broker will provide you with an agreed minimum. For example, if your $400 asset drops suddenly to $300, a guaranteed stop of $350 will mean that your broker still gives you this amount, no matter how low the price drops. This is the most basic order option, and is the default unless you specify otherwise. Your trade will be bought or sold at whatever the current best price is, and will be executed immediately. Zulutrade does not charge highly for this, in line with industry average, but it is worth bearing in mind that these costs can add up. This is especially true if a user leaves a position open for an extended period of time. A commission is a fee based on the traded volume or a flat fee per trade.

There are also blogs, charts and tools available under the ‘Features’ tab to allow users to research and understand the investment markets before they begin to trade in real money. Similar to other platforms, there is not an overwhelming wealth of information, but sufficient amounts to give a user a basic understanding.

Zulutrade Reveiw Non

So if I just have a quick look for ZuluTrade brokers, this explains what brokers you can use to connect to ZuluTrade. And so you would set up a live account first with one of these. If you’ve already got one of these broker accounts, then you can connect straight away. However, one thing I would say is that you’ll pay extra commission on anything other than Triple A Effects. Now, I think that is because Triple A Effects is ZuluTrade’s own broker, as much… I think they own the company.

Zulutrade Forex Broker Review

Even if a trader and an investor are using the same broker, there is a possibility for discrepancy in results. The reason for this is that when linking an investor’s account to a broker, the spread, commission will be increased by broker, which is not applicable for the https://www.maparis.com/traders-of-the-new-era-expanded-edition/ accounts linked as Traders. And if you do, please come back to me, come back to the comment section, tell me how are you doing it. And because I’m not discounting this one, there’s a lot of stuff on my channel and on my website that I just think they’re just no good.

Zulutrade Platform: Which Brokers Are Available?

So these are the trades that I’m following here on the left, there’s no data yet though. As soon as these traders execute trades, then they will be copied into my account.

We may be compensated through third party advertisers. This compensation should not be seen as an endorsement or recommendation by TradingBrokers.com, nor shall it bias our broker reviews. No “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss. The calendar shows important upcoming events displayed in the UTC time zone by default although this can be adjusted to your own time zone. The calendar makes it easy to track up and coming news releases along with the impact they could have on the markets. An economic calendar is commonly used as part of the fundamental analysis of a trading strategy.

And maybe they’re not even available, but try and find similar traders. So if we have a look Foreign exchange market at the trader’s history, I was also set for overall as well, rather than just one year.

Zulutrade Forex Broker Review

It’s easier to talk and give the impression of decent decent service than to act as such. George I will soon be providing all the auto-trading and signal services I’m using right now and I’ll give it to all my subscribers for free.

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This may lead to various cases when a signal gets a rejection. If you could provide us with more details on the issues emerged during your trading experience with us, we would be happy to investigate this further. As you can see, ZuluTrade is for everyone and the best use of the tools that we provide may increase the safety of your account and the profits obtained. For this reason, users are able to request an update from each Trader regarding the strategy status through their social page. Following your remark, we would like to say that Traders may revise their strategy through their strategy description or their social page.

Zulutrade Forex Broker Review

So like I said, I’m not going to lie, there are other more profitable things that that I follow at the minute. But as I say, there might well be that someone watches this video and does things slightly differently, and can come back to me and tell me the way to do it. And if they do, and if I can find a way of making this profitable I’ll do it.

Zulutrade Binary Options Review

Have a good look at the traders history, and make sure that they’ve been trading profitably and consistently for quite a period of time. So in the normal dashboard, this would show you some trading data, just a summary of the data. And it will also give you an idea of some traders in the left hand side, some that you’re following in, some suggested traders.

Many crypto currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC etc can be trade here. Though it’s social trading site, Zulu trade always focus on Copy Trading. I really like their statistic features operational data system. Ranking system of traders can be found there which is just awesome because one can find out more trustable traders in this section. There’s is also a forum where user can ask anything or share his opinion there. The Formax Group was founded in 2012, a innovative company dedicated to providing all-round financial services for the traders around the globe. Both ZuluTrade and Formax share a common goal to become the largest social trading community across the financial market.

Today, AAAFx support is among the best among other brokers with a 24/7 live support service that’s always ready to assist you. The software allows working on demo LimeFX Forex Broker account that is free. Thousands of trading signals are available in this solution. Every user could select a reliable signal and use it for effective trading.

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