The 7 Types Of Software Development

Asoftware development companycan venture into the development of any of these software to earn big profits. Testing documents are software development documents created as a part of a quality assurance process by testing teams and developers. They capture how the testing of a product was planned, designed and executed, as well as shows the results received in the end. Testing documentation is needed to explain how a product is validated. There are different types of documents developed throughout testing process, for example, Test Plan, Test Procedure Description, Test Summary Report etc. Software Technical Documentation is an essential part of every development project and it’s crucial to have it in place to achieve the expected results. Penetration testers (“white-hat” ethical hackers that try to find security flaws in systems) and cyber-security experts work together for the good of companies and their systems and data.

Other examples of such fields are graphics software and accounting software. Their chief responsibility is to create a program that performs a specific task, as per the requirements of their client. The link between users and developers is established in modern computer platforms via an App Store / Market, which streamlines app discovery, advice, activation, and monetization. Computing networks develop strong bi-directional network effects when a critical mass is reached. Developers create software, applications attract users, so that is why developers attract users, etc. The computer framework needs to be successfully introduced to solve the challenging.

Data Science

Before then mobile development was considered a subset of embedded development. A back-end developer works with programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Ruby, Perl, Python, Scala, Go, etc.

Penetration testers (“white-hat” ethical hackers) and cyber-security experts work together for the good of companies and their systems and data. This way, there’s less chance of your “black-hat” actual malicious hacker getting into your important data. A data scientist is a software developer that creates systems that capture, store, visualise and analyse complex data. They are expected to be able to interpret said information and aid their clients or employers make more accurate and profitable business moves based on their gathered data. This type of software development is at the forefront of science and technology, and requires considerable technical expertise and strong analytical thinking. Saigon Technology is the top innovative mobile app development outsourcing company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam that has quality at the top of its priorities. With more than 40 mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, project managers and QA/QC, we have done more than 150 mobile app projects for clients worldwide.


Programming languages have increased in number, complexity and scope and used world wide on a daily basis by hundreds of thousands institutions, organizations, teams and individuals. Naturally, software developers have a bigger role in our society than they ever did before. Computing platforms allow interactions between platform users and third-party developers, in sharp contrast to technology platforms. Framework computers such as Google Android or Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows, make the platform more useful for consumers, widening it with new usage cases. Web Development – Designing and coding applications which are housed in a Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or Firefox. For example, an online shopping system such as is an example of Web development. The most common languages used by Web developers are HTML, VBScript, PHP, JavaScript, VB.NET, and C#.

All the apps that we see on our mobile phones are also examples of Application Software. There is certain software that is exclusively made for app development like Meteor and Flutter. Whilst the traditional idea of local storage for files has stuck around in some parts of the world, the notion is slowly changing, and cloud computing services are becoming more prevalent. Cloud computing services use networks of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store and manage data rather than using a personal computer or local server.

Security Software Development

Developers involved in cloud computing software development develop the software that powers cloud storage applications, such as Amazon Web Services , OneDrive storage and GitHub. These are ‘standard’ applications that perform their duties on traditional desktop operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, or Linux. It’s often considered a programme, executed on demand by the user, that opens its interface in Types of Software Development the confines of the OS that it’s running in. Application development is basically the process of creating a computer program or set of programs that can assist the daily functionalities of the user or business. The collective processes involved in creating software programs, running through the whole system development life cycle. The first programming language, “Brief Code” was first developed in 1949.

As a mobile developer, you’ll be involved in designing a variety of apps – think mobile games, communication software such as a WhatsApp, and even mobile developers. You’ll also work to set up frameworks that support those apps, and design tools that work with the APIs that the platform offers. Check out HyperionDev’s Introduction to Mobile Development course, as well as their Advanced Mobile Developer course, both excellent software development careers. As a front-end developer, your job encompasses both the experience and the aesthetics of websites and applications. The first thing a user visiting your site or opening your application will notice is your handiwork in action. This doesn’t include the graphics of the site per-se, which is often left to a graphics designer who doesn’t necessarily code. Instead, the task of the front-end developer is to engineer the flow of the actions, buttons, prompts, links and assets on-screen to make that interaction as pleasant as possible.

Having A List Of Types Of Software Development, We Can Move To The List Of The Top 7 Technologies Used In The Process

An application development products are the applications of the “original” programming type. Basically, the app development is what runs on your Windows, Mac, or Linux system. It might be an organizer, a notepad, or a simple game – anything that is not web-based. The application development can transform the internal company processes and make them trackable, improve the reciprocal “business-to-client” communication. Unlike system software, they are used by the Types of Software Development end-user and are specific in their functionality or tasks and do the job that they are designed to do. For example, a browser is an application designed specifically for browsing the internet or MS Powerpoint is an application used specifically for making presentations. Application Software or simply apps can also be referred to as non-essential software as their requirement is highly subjective and their absence does not affect the functioning of the system.

Back-end developers often need to integrate with a vast array of services such as databases, data storage systems, caching systems, logging systems, email systems, etc. This type of software development leads to the creation of different computer systems, such as the operating systems and customized systems in your machine. The different Types of Software Development, this one in particular, follow a specific process of developing information systems. The higher the quality of the system used, the better the results will be. You may be asking yourself, “Is that really a type of software development?

Types Of The Software Development

With the increasing role of software in the daily lives of the people, full stack web development services are now offering the latest software to fulfil their demands. Mentioned above is the explanation of what a software is and the types of software.

Apart from UX, a front-end dev often has excellent Javascript knowledge; a key competency for this career. Check out the HyperionDev Full Stack Web Developer course which also includes JavaScript, HTML and CSS, front-end developer languages. This is a developer who writes code for applications that run natively on consumer mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile development was almost unheard of before the early 2000s and the explosion of the smartphone market.

What Is Software Testing & What Are All Its Methodologies

In this way, there’s less chance your “black-hat” malicious friends will get into your important data. This type of development is all the rage since smartphones dawned into the public consciousness several years ago.

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